What is working in a Sexclub Exactly?

There are various type of sexclubs available to find work as a girl. Most important is finding one that matches you. It is afterall a establishment in where clients will visit and have dates or simply paid dates with girls in often luxury rooms or highly discreet area's within a good sexclub. With our website we kindly guide you to finding work, what to look for and also which ones are the best top 4 brothels or clubs in Switserland that currently hire young or talented girls at the age of 21 and above. You are free to use our website to signup and be invited if you are within Switserland and have the correct documentation and / or papers.

Working in a sexclub requires some hours of the day to be available. You'll not just be the face of the establishment but you also welcome guests and make them feel right at home. The purpose of a client being in a sexclub is to have erotic entertainment, pleasure with good looking and nice girls. For you as a working girl in the adult or erotic industry this is perhaps your chance to make quite some money on a daily basis. As a girl working in a sexclub you'll have exclusive access to all facilities and you are able to move freely. You'll have access to a personal locker to protect your private goods and / or any information of you.

Once your checked in on a daily basis there will be guests coming and going. Many are new, some are returning and it's never a day or night that will be the same. It's a good paid job with lots of variance, even fun and highly rewarding. When clients show interest in you you can take them to one of the many rooms the sexclub has to offer. The club provides you in the use of condoms, lube and any other attributes such as clean towels you might need. This sounds interesting, and it obviously is. We have the highest payment among other clubs in Switerland right now and most important over 150 guests per day visiting these sexclubs.

Why Work in Sexclubs is so Populair

Girls active with jobs or work in sexclubs is populair because of the highly revenue, safety and more important privacy. Lets say you want to work in the prostitution business and your not wanting to be resident as a independent, behind the windows but in a good and controlled place that offers a good working area for girls. A club is a good option, it offers all these benefits in house and the costs to be at a club is slim. Girls can charge their own earings in regards of extra's and the amount of hours or days can be negotiated. This offers a great plus for those seeking a job in the adult industry in Switserland.

Switserland is obviously a wealthy and rich country. The tax is acceptable and lots of people in switserland who spend their time in fancy clubs and / or brothels. You have the chance if you are looking for a good and wise place to start, to Signup to one of the most exclusive clubs currently in Switserland. Apart from that is has a beautiful landscape, fresh air and it has real winters still where snow is real. If you are attracted by the idea then you've came to the right adress. It does'nt matter if your currently resident in Switserland or wanting to move to Switserland, girls at the age of 21+ are welcome. However there are things to consider.

If you want to work at any legal established sexclub, brothel, red light district or even escort service, you have to be registered in Switserland. That means a valid european passport, housing and a social tax number. With that or from this point on, you are able to signup legally to any of these clubs. A personal meeting is possible and a tour or guide among one of our 4 recommended sexclubs is possible. If you have any questions you are free to ask these as we are here for you. A brief tryout for 2 weeks, is possible to determine if this is really what you want. We do however ask you to come in person, you have to be sure of your choice.

Requirements to Work Legally in Club

In order to legally join any club, the minimum age is 21 up to 35 of age. Second having a permit to work in EU or to stay in Switserland is mandatory. We can't help you if you do not have these (quite simple) requirements. We cannot help you obtaining these documents or help you in any way with this. We do however offer links on our links page in where we will list you the best websites regarding to moving to Switserland. This way you can pinpoint your own ways into moving to Switserland (even if it was for 6 to 12 months). The spoken languages in Switserland (as officially national languages) is German, French, Italian, and Romansh. English will do.

Housing can be obtained quite easily using our informative link page at the top menu of our website. Shared housing could be another option as well. Once you have everything put together and officially registered in Switserland you are more then welcome to get in touch with us. A good and hard working girl in a sexclub can make good amounts of money on a daily basis. More about that subject below, but the thing is and what we are asking for is motivated girls. When there are sufficient guests inside the club(s) it is important to be representative, try to communicate with guests and provide them a great time.

Obviously, intimacy or sex is a part of the game. Clients want to have a good time, experience pleasure with beautiful girls and even experiment with such new things. If your a open-minded and diverse girl on the topic or subject of sex, this is a fantastic oppertunity to explore and broaden your views and have fun in the proces with various clients. Some may have sexual fantasies or wishes and furfill these with you. All in a safe matter on which you decide the tempo. You have the right to refuse services you do not like or want. As a sexworker you are in control of your body and you decide on your own whats good for you or not.

What are the Earnings of Working in Clubs?

We can't really put a figure on the number you will be making on a daily basis, but if we said on average € 500 a day that is still quite impressive. You can have highs or lows in regards of your earnings but what is solid is that it is a good paying job which is suited for those who want to work in a sexclub. Please note that a club is charging a percentage of up to 40% (60% is yours) and any additional such as extra's and such are fully for you. If you have one client who want not just one hour but also extra service you are looking at quite some good revenue in just one hour. Multiply that on avg by 5 to 8 clients during your shift and its excellent.

It is important to know that many guests can be shy. It might be there first time in a club so it's good you show initiative. Hello, how are you? Where are you from? Do you like it here? Would you like to go private with me? It's one of the most common things that can lead to having a book. Or if your new ask advise from girls who work for a longer period and do have the experience. You'll learn the basics quick and if your up for it you'll be having a great time at one of the most populair brothels or clubs in Switserland. For applications please see Signup for more information. You can chat with us directly & super discreet as you wish.

If you would be available on longer days then the odds of you making great & fast money is enormous. You have all the facility's to date with clients inside the known clubs but you also have acces to the use of shower, the restaurant area or buffet for you to eat & drink but also discreet parking if required. Additionally we can give you tips or advise to make your stay inside one of the known clubs in Switserland worthwhile. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions. We are available on a daily basis for you and assure you privacy when you chat or call with us. We only offer work in Switserland at this moment for people from 21+.

Are You Looking For Work? Check us Out!

Wether you are from Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands or abroad and your looking for a good legal paid job in the adult or sex industry as a female sexworker, you are more then welcome to get in touch with us. Please know that we only want to work with girls on a voluntarily basis and not provided by third party people or groups as part of human trafficking. Our website is multilanguage and offers good information regarding work or anything related to working in a populair and good visited sexclub. We highly recommend you our top 4 clubs below for more information.

It is no shame to work in a recommended sexclub of choice where you will not just have high payments for your time and services but also the freedom to do what you want and live the lifestyle you desire. Life itself is expensive enough. Good looking girls with real qualities can have a outstanding time as a sexworker. Why not consider working in a populair sexclub? Our website is made for those who are looking for real & honest insights in the adult industry, and allows it for independent girls to seek new opportunities. Working parttime in a club and for example at night hours as a escort girl is within the options as well.

We have to say, before you hit our page with signup that we are only looking for real girls, with the use of real photo's (as a mandatory part of signing up) so we can get a clear understanding of who you are and what you are looking for. If you submit with the intention to provide look a like photo's or "fake" photo's which is a trend these days, we cant apply your application. Ofcourse sending a discreet photo or a curriculum vitae for example is possible and we will guarantee you absolute privacy in regards of your signing up for work in sexclub. If you have any other questions your free to ask our now available staff over whatsapp.

Work in Sexclub(s) in Switzerland
Looking For A Carreer in a Sexclub?

We hire talented and legal girls at 21 and above for work in various sexclubs or escort service's in Switserland.

Sugarbabes.biz - 24/7 Escort

Sugarbabes.biz is a escort service located in Bazel which is in Switserland and at the border of France, in where clients can book up to 24 hours a day the most beautiful and exclusive girls. Currently Sugarbabes.biz is hiring girls by using their Jobs page and where you can find work as a escort around Bazel for up to 24 hours. You are more then welcome if your resident in Switserland and looking for work as a good looking model with high quality. The payment(s) are high and any extra offered are for you. A tryout is possible as well for a short duration to determine if this job is what you are looking for. Your application is discreet.

Sex72.ch - bestes girls

Sex72.ch is a private girls studio which offers room for motivated and good looking girls. A discreet brothel where clients come by on a daily basis to relax, enjoy massage or intimacy of choice. On the website of Sex72.ch you can find additional information such as rooms, the selection of girls but more important it's location which is located on the Markgräfler Strasse 72 in Bazel. A good located and busy brothel / sexclub in Switserland. Check it out and see if this sparks any interest in you to work in a real private sexclub. You can apply for jobs by using the website or public contact number to obtain more info.

Lavilla77.ch - Sexclub "Bazel"

A place with exclusive and beautiful girls in Bazel in Switserland. La Villa 77 holds a exciting and discreet place for clients to come by. A nice offering of various girls from all over the world and a Good Ambiance in regards of the place. If your curious to work in a good club then this perhaps what you are looking for. Signup today to get a hold for more information. Please know the minimum age of 21 and above is required. A tryout of a short and brief time is within the options this sexclub has to offer. A good payment and salary is obviously in the mix as girls recieve high rewards for their time and effort working in a club.

Escortswiss.ch - Escort Switserland

Last but not least EscortSwiss.ch which is a reputated escort agency providing clients resident at home or in a hotel the service & delivery of escort girls to their place of choice. Also a good recommendation if you are willing to start in the sex business in Switserland. This agency started from 2012 till now 2024 and is still highly valued for it's selection of girls, service and more. Take a look at the website for more info and leave your details to get a hold of more information about the service, payment(s) and / or working times or hours. It is very discreet for girls. Escort only means outcall to the clients location, and is no incall.

PLazacondiego.com - Basel Incall

A new place in Zurich that aims for girls working in a club to provide a safe and busy enviroment in regards of clients & much more. Explore the world of working as a sexworker in Zurich Zwitserland & enjoy high quality clients. The new website of Plazacondiego.com offers all the information you need to know to start on a legal basis. A 60% comission is for you for every client and additional extra's is solely for you. Join now if your looking for sexwork in Zwitserland. The Edelweiss house can be found on Mattenstrasse 77 in Basel.

Villa166.ch - BDSM & SM

Villa166.ch is a BDSM based club in where you have private & seperate rooms to meet & punish clients in. A exclusive and daily visitied place with the most luxurious BDSM or SM mistresses offering intimacy, bdsm & more. Check out the website of Villa166.ch if you would like to know more information about working in Zurich. You can find Villa166 on Weststrasse 166 in Zürich / Switserland. Exclusive girls are always wanted, and this is perhaps the moment to signup to join their fantastic team. There's always someone around if you have any urgent questions in regards sexwork.

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