What is the Job Description for Sexworkers?

If you decide to Signup for legal sexwork in Switserland you can choose in between two forms of sexwork. We will explain in detail what the job description is (all) about and what is expected from you when you decide to start or give it a try. We only allow legal form of sexwork in regards of work in a sexclub or work as a escort. Both have their advantages but perhaps disadvantages. You as a girl have to decide which one suits you best or if your up for it do both. The greater your presence is the higher chances of good paying clients can be at your disposal when your seeking for a good paid job in Switserland.

Working as a Escort Girl - With escort the job is purely at the clients location. That can be a hotel or his or her private apartment. It is the most discreet form of sexwork and any activity takes place at the clients location. With escort you are picked up by a professional driver who assures you transport but also safety. The driver will be waiting nearby and is always standby in regards of your date or booking. With Escort the same applies, client wants companionship, intimacy or special services and you can provide these on their location. Upon training we will give you clear instructions on how to perform as a good escort girl.

Working at a Sexclub - As a sexworker inside a sexclub you have the luxury to spend most of the time in a good decorated place where clients will come to. The advantage is is that your not alone and it's actually quite cosy at times with your co-workers. You can take clients in various rooms or even enjoy a shower, bath, jacuzzi and much more. A sexclub does charge a comission on any given booking you have with a client but the extra's are solely for you. Lunch, fresh towels, a hygenic working place, it's all included when you decide to work for a recommended sex club in Switserland. For more info please check Signup.

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