How Much Money make Girls in Sexclubs?

This question is often asked by many girls who wondered about the average salary when working in a sexclub. You have to understand that there is no "regular" salary and you only get paid when you do have a client. This varies from one hour up to multiple hours including extra's which will decide your payment over one client. So lets say you have 5 clients, on where 3 desire extra's on where you can charge your own pricing or tarifs for. In this case you would be looking at a minimum of 450 + any additional extra's you might offer. Over a short shift of only a few hours this is a very financial interesting looking picture for girls.

If you are interested we recommend you to head to our Signup page where you can get in touch with us. It is important to understand that as a girl you have to show initiative. When clients arrive be present, smile and give your best 30 second to one minute introduction. The better you are the more clients you will book and the more overall money you will make. Most people don't understand that working in a sexclub with such a salary often nets more or even better then a well paid lawyer. So think of this oppertunity when your considering to join a escort service or sexclub in Switserland. It is up to you on what you want.

The earnings are overall very good, and even in a wealthy country like Switserland. Girls at the age of 21 and above are welcome to place their application by using our website. Please be reminded 21 up to 35 years of age, resident in Switserland and have a positive mindset in regards of Working for a Sexclub. You are free to leave a application by using our website. We will guarantee you the upmost private & discreet interaction in between you and our staff. If we do not manage to work it out, no rush and do not take it personal, perhaps we can be of service in the nearby future.

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